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Winederful’s mission is to share the excellence of Southern Italy’s Calabria region, bringing directly sourced products to the UK. Our products are rich in tradition, going back hundreds of years. This includes the production of our Ippolito 1845 wines – the clue is in the name!

Ippolito 1845 is the oldest winery in Calabria, and is ranked within the top 100 wineries in Italy. Located in the historic centre of Cirò Marina, the heart of Calabrian viticulture, the Ippolito farm includes a 100-hectare agricultural estate. It is beautifully situated between rolling hills and sunny plains, close to the Ionian Sea. Winederful boasts exclusive distribution rights to Ippolito 1845 wines across the UK, so unless you travel abroad, you can’t source this exquisite wine anywhere else!

liber pater


We offer a completely exclusive experience. Unless you travel to the source, you can’t find Ippolito 1845 wines elsewhere

We’re happy to tailor any order to suit your needs, from a single case of wine for private customers, to bulk orders for weddings and events. Winederful additionally caters to the hospitality sector – with our UK distribution licence, we can always meet your requirements.

So if you’re looking for both quality and exclusivity, look no further.


Winederful started as an idea between two friends. Simone and Liam were sharing an outstanding bottle of Ippolito wine from Simone’s native Italy, and realised that this wasn’t an experience they wanted to keep to themselves.

Both men felt that people across the UK deserved the chance to delight in wines and other produce from the Italian south coast, and be able to easily source such products. They therefore embarked on what started as a small business venture. Winederful has continued to grow in size, as more and more people discover our fantastic range of products from the Calabria region of Italy.

With over 170 years of history, today Ippolito 1845 boasts the oldest winery in Calabria and top 100 ranked winery in Italy! We are the exclusive distributor of the exquisite Ippolito 1845 wines in the UK. Located in the historic center of Cirò Marina, the heart of Calabrian viticulture, the Ippolito farm includes a 100-hectare agricultural estate, distributed between rolling hills and sunny plains near the Ionian Sea, in the classic Cirò area.


Calabrian Wines For Any Occasion

Liber Pater

Origin: Cirò Denominazione di Origine Controllata Red Classic Superior About: The authority and elegance of Gaglioppo, which are ancient, native grapes of Calabria, form Liber Pater, a tribute to its namesake. Liber Pater was the Italian god of wine and…


Origin: Cirò Denominazione di Origine Controllata Rosé About: From Gaglioppo, the most ancient native grape of Calabria, Mabilia is born, a tribute to a Norman princess who lived in the Cirò area in the 11th century. Gaglioppo grapes tend to…

Mare Chiaro

Origin: Cirò Denominazione di Origine Controllata White About: Mare Chiaro is a wine created through the vinification of Greco Bianco, an ancient native grape, grown near the Ionian coast. This wine is a tribute to the wonderful coastal town of…


Origin: Calabria Greco Bianco Frizzante Sparkling White About: Golden grapes and the brilliance of freshly squeezed juice blend together to form Chrysòs, what the ancient Greeks called manufactured gold. This name was chosen to reflect the supreme beauty and refined…


Origin: Calabria Indicazione Geografica Tipica Rosè About: This wine is made from Greco Nero, a local grape from Calabria, forming a luxurious Mediterranean rosé. Elegant and sensual, this peachy pink wine has a pleasant minerality, typical of the vineyards located…


Origin: Calabria Indicazione Geografica Tipica White About: As the name suggests, this wine is made from Pecorello grapes, which are an ancient grape variety native to Calabria. These grapes have recently been rediscovered, so our Pecorello wine represents years of…


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