Boasting over 170 years of history, Ippolito is the oldest winery in Calabria. The vineyard is located in the historic region of Cirò Marina, which is at the heart of Calabrian viticulture. The agricultural estate is situated between sunny plains and rolling hills, close to the Ionian Sea. 

At Ippolito, the main focus has always been the continuation of old traditions. This includes the enhancement of native vines, as well as the protection of the territory – we work to defend and preserve the ecosystem.

We also focus on innovation, through research in the vineyard and in the cellar, as well as the use of cutting edge techniques. And as we have direct control of all production processes, we can ensure that all our wines possess the elegance, exclusivity and identity of our territory.

While we started as a small enterprise, we now have 15 labels, across four continents. But as we have expanded, we have never let the quality of our wines lessen – at Ippolito, we take pride in all we do. 

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