Meet the Team


Simone Ippolito


Simone is a 29 year old ex-professional Italian basketball player. He moved to the UK six years ago, and within a year met Liam. They found that they share the same passion regarding both basketball and wine! Simone enjoys anything related to good food and good wine. For years he has dreamed about bringing the flavours and smells of his own land to the UK, and is delighted that this has now become reality. He furthermore loves music, travel, and tries not to get too competitive when it comes to any sport.


Liam Wyatt

Operations Director

Liam is one of the Directors of Landsdowne Woodward. His time here has made him an expert businessman with years of trade behind him. He, like Simone, loves basketball and runs a very successful basketball team locally – the Bournemouth Bears. Liam is a father of two, and dedicates as much of his free time to them as possible – when he is not training of course! His passion for good wine naturally brought Liam to be part of the project that lead to the creation of Winederful.