Events and Catering

An important part of any event is the drinks menu. Wine is the drink of choice at most events, and there’s a good chance that you’ll want to at least serve a selection of reds and whites. This often means considering complementary wine pairings to accompany the meal. Luckily, we’re experts in finding the perfect wine to match any dish. The key is to find congruent or contrasting pairings, though sometimes it’s easier to just offer a range of options!

The wine at your event also needs to impress. Here at Winederful, we provide an exclusive experience – you can’t find our Ippolito 1845 wines elsewhere, unless you’re willing to travel to the source.

We can tailor our service to suit your needs, no matter the size of the order. So whether you’re hosting a small event, or a lavish wedding with hundreds of guests, we’re confident we can meet your requirements.

Our full UK distribution licence additionally means Winederful is able to cater to the hospitality sector. We may even be able to offer a discount on larger volumes – simply get in touch to discuss this in more detail.