19 Oct, 2021

What is the Wine Making Process? 

Wine making has been around for millennia, though obviously the techniques and recipes have changed a lot since its origins....

19 Oct, 2021

5 Places to Visit in Italy 

Perhaps you’ve travelled to Italy before, or you’ve been meaning to go for years. Either way, there are so many...

19 Oct, 2021

Why is Italian Food So Popular? 

Once you’ve tried some of our food products, which all originate from Calabria in Southern Italy, you’ll undoubtedly know the...

19 Oct, 2021

How to Pair Wine With Food

A great food and wine pairing will emphasise various components of a dish, as well as the characteristics of a...

19 Oct, 2021

5 Top Attractions in Calabria 

Calabria, in Southern Italy, is a fantastic place to visit. Admittedly, we may be slightly biased, as all our food...